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Bluescreens TSL is a company providing services related to the organization of transport in national and international traffic.

Bluescreens TSL exists in the transport industry since 2011, specializing in the transport of goods national and international. We are the organizers of transport and forwarding of general cargo and shipments in Express mode. The company is located in south-eastern Poland. Our employees are knowledgeable and qualified to provide our customers efficient, professional and high quality service.

Our goal as a transportation company from the TSL sector is to develop logistics solutions individually for each client, ensuring the execution of orders entrusted to us are at the highest level. Efficient, fast and timely maner of the transport system - always in time! ensures customer satisfaction and with it our job satisfaction.


We invite you to cooperation. We guarantee the highest quality of services!!!

We specialize in individual Express transport mode performed by vehicles with a GVW up to 3.5 tonnes. Transport of all consignments is covered by insurance OC Forwarder / Carrier OC, we are experienced and dynamically developing company with a responsible and qualified personnel.

Transport is carried by vehicles in perfect technical and visual condition, the cargo space is clean and tight. Our entire fleet is equipped with GPS monitoring system which allows for constant control of the currently executed orders in real time. We work with the best carriers in the transport sector which guarantees fulfilling of all requirements posed by customers. As a worthy business partner, we are able to substitute the car for loading within 2 hours. (To most locations in Europe)


experience in the implementation of the transport orders;
qualified personnel;
professional service contracts;
24/7 care coordinator;
Security Guarantee cargo insurance (OC Forwarder / Carrier OC;
Timeliness (fast and efficient transport organization ALWAYS IN TIME!);
Vehicles equipped with location and telematics systems;


Behind the wheel of our vehicles always sits qualified and experienced driver.

We offer you our fleet of vehicles. All cars are equipped with telematics system allows for immediate communication vehicle - office, office - vehicle. On request, we are able to send the documents necessary to comply with transport directly to the driver, send the confirmed transport documents electronically immediately after transport.

Our entire fleet is in perfect condition technically and visually, the vehicles are not older than 3 years. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring system that provides control over the currently active transport in the the real time.

Every vehicle is equipped with:

Reflective vest,
Safety shoes,
Non-slip mats,
GPS navigation
GPS monitoring
Telematics system that provides bidirectional communication vehicle - office, office - vehicle (scanner, terminal)

Technical Specification:

Van curtain 10 ep

Loading space:

Volume from 24,8 m3 to 27,5 m3
Capacity 1200 kg
Lenght 490 cm
Width 225cm
Height od 220cm do 250cm
No. of pallets 10 ep
Loading back, side

Van curtain 8ep 

Loading space:

Volume from 19,5 m3 to 23,1 m3
Capacity 1200 kg
Lenght 420 cm
Width 220cm
Height from 220cm to 250cm
No. of pallets 8 ep
Loading back, side

Van furgon (box) 5ep

Loading space:

Volume 12 m3
Capacity 1500 kg
Lenght 395 cm
Width 170cm
Height 180cm
No. of pallets 5 ep
Loading back, side from 150cm


We offer you the valuation of the transport. Please complete the form or contact us by phone tel. (+48) 695 484 992; (48,601,473,500). We are pleased to provide you with answers to any questions concerning transportation or moving.

Transport valuation

Loading place


Place of unloading


Dimensions of the load

CM x
CM x

The weight of the load and additional options



You have questions? We encourage you to contact us. 

We invite you to contact us. 30 minutes from the question of transport we will give you our suggestions. For most locations in Europe, we are able to substitute the car for loading within 2 hours.

Formularz kontaktowy

Damian Bugała i Sebastian Stachula s.c.

ul. Przybyłów 31B
39-432 Gorzyce 


ul. Odlewników 52A
39-432 Gorzyce
NIP: PL8672234895

Contact 24h/7

Bluescreens TSL

Mobile: +48 695484992;
+48 601473500

Damian Bugała | Shipping

mobile: 0048 695 48 49 92 (24h)
phone: 0048 15 823 31 61
fax: 0048 15 816 50 44  

Sebastian Stachula | Shipping

mobile: 0048 601 47 35 00 (24h)
phone: 0048 15 823 31 61
fax: 0048 15 816 50 44  

Aneta Stachula | Accounting and Administration

mobile: 0048 661 27 30 00
phone: 0048 15 823 31 61
fax: 0048 15 816 50 44